VOICES is proud to introduce our Contributors whose stories and images make these pages what they are. . .

Ajay Nair lives and works in Mumbai. He is an entrepreneur at a live music events firm, having been a private equity investor, an investment banker and a business consultant in the past. He believes that Tendulkar is god, which regrettably is a notion his wife Anita disagrees with. More of his writing is up at if I sang out of tune and at Fictionaut

Beate Sigriddaughter lives in Vancouver and loves roller coasters, seals, foxes, and wild roses.  She has published one novel, one collection of short stories, one novella, and prose and poetry in many print and online magazines.  She has also established the Glass Woman Prize to honor passionate women’s voices.

Bobbi Lurie is the author of three poetry collections: Grief Suite, Letter from the Lawn and The Book I Never Read. Her poetry has been published in numerous print and on-line journals including The American Poetry Review, New American Writing, Gulf Coast, Nimrod, Moria, Big Bridge, Born, Sawbuck, Otoliths and diode. She is now putting her writing focus on prose. She lives in New Mexico in the middle of nowhere

Carol Novack , publisher of Mad Hatters’ Review, was once a biggish writer fish in a smallish pond in Australia, where she won a grant and published a poetry chapbook. After returning to NY, Carol became a criminal defense and constitutional lawyer; she recently moved to a house on a mountain in Asheville, NC. Carol returned to writing circa 2004, and has published in numerous journals, including American Letters & Commentary, Caketrain, Diagram, Exquisite Corpse, Fiction International, Gargoyle, Journal of Experimental Fiction, Notre Dame Review, and Otoliths. Anthologies include “The Penguin Book of Australian Women Poets” and “The &Now Awards: The Best Innovative Writings”.  A collection, “Giraffes in Hiding: The Mythical Memoirs of Carol Novack,” is forthcoming this year from Sputen Duyvil. See Carol’s blog for additional too much information

Carol Reid lives on the edge of the world, the west coast of Canada. Everything you’ve heard is true.


Christian Bell lives near Baltimore, Maryland. He primarily writes flash fiction and his work has appeared online in various publications, including SmokeLong Quarterly, Wigleaf, Pindeldyboz, and JMWW Quarterly. He has a blog at I’m Not Emilio Estevez.

Claire King lives in France. She has an open relationship with her novel and an assortment of short lovers. Claire blogs at
Coleen Shin is a writer/artist living in a great big ole house on the edge of a pretty wood in North Texas. A wanderer of said woods, Ms Shin was once lost for an entire day eventually to be rescued by her husband who stood on top of the house banging on the bottom of a fry pan with a wooden spoon to lead her home. A devotee of the online writing experience, Coleen has been published in many fine online and print journals. Twice nominated for The Pushcart Prize but not selected, she has created her own prize of tin foil and cardboard called The Go Cart Prize which she presents to herself yearly in a lovely out of doors ceremony at sunset.


Darryl Price was born in Kentucky and educated at Thomas More College. A founding member of Jack Roth’s Yellow Pages Poets, he has published dozens of chapbooks, including a dual chapbook with Jennifer Bosveld, founder of Pudding House (the largest literary small press in America), and had poems in journals including The Bitter Oleander, Cornfield Review, Allegheny Poetry, Wind, Out of Sight, Paper Radio, The West Conscious Review, Pudding, Metazen, Cap City Poets, Doing It, Prick of the Spindle, Olentangy Review, Fourpaperletters, LITSNACK and the Green Fuse.

Doug Bond has endured life in Manhattan and along the Western fault lines, most recently in San Francisco in loving, creative partnership with his wife, daughter, Ben (a Lab), and assorted other hungry creatures. Doug has been in the habit recently of sharing a variety of Amuzementz including his own writing at

HZar Worth was struck into an absolute awareness when he read Grant Morrison’s masterwork, the graphic novel ‘Arkham Asylum: A serious house on serious Earth’. In the hours and days he spent absorbing and ingesting this sacred grail into his senses, HZar emerged baptized into a Life of charged turmoil, kind shadows, and an insatiable Muse occupying him. His current obsession: writing his ongoing Flash series ‘Hosting‘ (current parts) and Facebook (previous parts)

Jerry Ratch has published 12 books of poetry, and the novel: WILD DREAMS OF REALITY, and now the Memoir: A BODY DIVIDED, the story of a one-armed boy growing up in a two-fisted world. His work can be purchased through the author’s website: . Email: as well as through . Currently available manuscripts: a new novel entitled THE GREAT SAN FRANCISCO POETRY WARS, as well as two new books of poetry. Inquiries welcomed!

Jodine Derena Butler is a child of rural New Zealand in the 1970′s and moved into West Auckland in her early 20′s. She is married with two adult children and one grandson, and has a Post Graduate background in Social Work and Mental Health. She was priviledged to be critiqued by legendary poets and writers such as Wystan Curnow, Emily Perkins, Mike Johnson and Lisa Samuels at Auckland University. She is influenced by her favourite writer, Sylvia Plath. Her poems have been published in Side Stream Magazine, edited by Miriam Barr. Some of her works can be found at Poetry Out West.
John Wentworth Chapin is a writer and writing teacher with more voices in his head than Sybil. Begone, demons!


José Alberto Gomes Pereira was born in Riachos, Portugal, in 1943. In 1954, he moved with his parents and two sisters to Mozambique, where he lived for 20 years. He worked in advertising and graphic design in Mozambique and after he returned to Portugal in 1974, after the “Carnations Revolution.” All his life he worked on creating art, which helped him overcome many difficulties in life. “Drawing, painting and writing, was always the way to express myself. Working is the only way to improve our work!”

Linda Simoni-Wastila crunches numbers by day and churns words by night. You can find her stuff at Boston Literary Magazine, Tattoo Highway, The Sun, The Shine Journal, Every Day Poets, Six Sentences, and various anthologies. When she’s not noveling or poeming, you can find her smelling the lilacs in her garden. She lives and loves in greater Baltimore.

Lou Freshwater comes from the South. I come from chaos. I’ve been in the film, bar, and restaurant business, and now I’ve come back to writing and I have gotten an English Degree which changed me in ways I could not have imagined. As for where I am going, I really have no idea. I just know I love literature.

Marcelle Heath loves Margaret Atwood, Sarah Waters, Carson McCullers, and Flannery O’Conner. She is an editor for Luna Park Review and lives in Portland, Oregon with her dogs, cat, and red-footed tortoise. She has one or two novels in the works. Her work has been published in print and around the web & can be found at Off Island.


Marcus Speh is a writer who hails from Berlin Germany. He created and then killed Finnegan Flawnt in cold blood. He is currently writing a novel and blogs, too. Learn more about him here.


Martha Williams lives and writes in the UK. Her fictional friends have appeared in print and online magazines, including Writers’ Forum, Metazen, Meridian Writing, Writers Bureau, Tomlit, 6S, Nanoism, and others. In between writing stories, Martha blogs here:

Melissa McEwen’s poems have been published in Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, Rattle and other fine literary journals. She also dabbles in short stories. In addition, she is the poetry editor for Poets & Artists.

Michael Webb is, to borrow a line from Spider Robinson, in no particular order. He blogs at, and wishes Bucky Dent would have just popped up to shortstop or something.

Michelle McEwen, poet/storyteller and author of Delicious Dangerous (a poetry chapbook published by Didi Menendez for the Mipoesias Chapbook Series in 2010), has had work published in Poets/ArtistsThe Caribbean Writer,The Best New Poets 2007 (an anthology), and Woman’s Work (a short story anthology).  In 2009, her poem “Sucker” was nominated for the Pushcart prize. Check out her blog
Tara Larkin writes poetry and fiction, as well as grocery lists and treatises. She calls California home, north of Santa Barbara, where the water is too cold. She feels lucky enough to have had her poetry published in MiPoesias, Poets and Artists and Ocho #27.

Michelle Elvy, Co-founder and Editor of VOICES, lives on a sailboat, presently in New Zealand. She writes at her breakfast table, which is also a coloring/puzzle/ movie/sewing /tool table, and hopes every day that she doesn’t spill milk on her keyboard. She’s sure it’s only a matter of time that her characters will reveal as much about her as she reveals about them (they are muttering, Payback time, Elvy!) You can find Michelle writing at Glow Worm, flashing at 52|250, or sailing on Momo.

Walter Bjorkman, Co-founder and Editor of VOICES, resides in Maryland, for now. He was born and raised in Brooklyn. His greatest joy in his writing life is giving voice to the characters of his imagination, all of them culled from fragments and colors of the people he encounters. He is published in print and online in various venues.

The Editor of VOICES

is a two-headed creature who writes in the space between Maryland and New Zealand.