15 August 2010
 VOICES recently caught up with humorist Bob Eckstein. You probably know him from his distinctive New Yorker cartoons or his passion for snowmen, but we dug a little deeper to find out more about the man behind the humor. Read on to find out about Bob Eckstein’s road from the Bronx to the Village (a winding path which included art school, tennis, and a naivete that worked) and his take on writing and selling a book, fame and good fortune, and the gritty reality behind inspiration. In these pages you’ll find a candid Bob Eckstein, in word and image. Snowmen, vampires, and early hecklers…


25 June 2010
 VOICES recently talked with writer Marcus Speh. We used to think of him as The Flawnt Who Fell to Earth, but these days we are getting to know him as Marcus: writer, father, lecturer. Bike rider and devoted husband. Collector of characters, observer of life. Commentator on fictional pointillism and contemplator of geographical dilemmas. A man who’s not afraid to flash and who’s written a novel in a month.Meet Marcus Speh, a prolific writer with enormous energy. Read on to find out more about who he reads, why he writes, and what he’s doing with the voices in his head.


12 June 2010

Contributors! – did you know that there is a way that you can change the person making your comment, for the purpose of that comment? The reason I comment on commenting is that often the person commenting is not the author themselves, commentating, but rather one of their characters, commenting that is.

The way to do this is to edit your comment just after posting, where you will see “Author” – just change it there, and no need to worry, it will not stay “sex-crazed stacey” for the rest of your comments.

You may also notice that we have put your byline in story titles that do not have them. It was noted by one of our heads, that nowhere, except in that teeny little icon on top does the author’s name appear, and then often it is “sweattooldies” or something of that sort.

Lastly on the maintenance issues, you may and for the most part have been categorizing your posts as good little posters do. Please unclick the “uncategorized” category at the same time. Suggestions for new categories are always considered, let us know.

Finally on our list – you may say that we are just trying to get our valued contributors to do our editing work for us, I know that’s what we are saying.

We now return you to our regular zaniness . . .


4 June 2010

“Poetry is a voice and a way for that voice to carry.”

-Darryl Price

VOICES  interviews poet Darryl Price!

Price has been writing poetry since he was a boy in the Kentucky countryside and has published dozens of chapbooks and poetry in places as varied as The Bitter Oleander, Allegheny Poetry, Paper Radio, The West Conscious Review, Pudding, Metazen, LITSNACK and the Green Fuse. You can read more about his views on poetry and life, love and reality, and the necessity of stargazing every now and then  here at VOICES.


24 May 2010

Today we launch a new feature on VOICES, our Interview page.

We kick it off this week with José Alberto Gomes Pereira, the Portugeuse artist whose drawing

“All Love Letters Are Ridiculous”

adorns these pages.

Have a look at Gomes Pereira and his art and welcome to the first of our Interview series.


15 May 2010

Hey Authors — please be sure to click on the following when you post a story:

“notify me of follow up comments by email”


“notify me of new posts by email”

so your characters can respond to comments and carry on the conversation.

It is essential if you want to as the Home page only lists a limited number of posts and comments.

-Your friendly two-headed Editor


14 May 2010

To ensure a snag-free system in publishing the first few posts, we’ve come to the following decision (this will help you get your first few posts out there, and familiarize you with WordPress, if you aren’t already used to it):

We are starting all contributing authors out as a Contributor (in WordPress lingo). With some users new to WordPress, this seems the most efficient way to begin. As a Contributor, you can create and edit your post and then submit it to the Administrator (that’s the two-headed Editor) for publication. After 3 such submissions, once we see that the process is working well, you will become an Author, which means you can edit, publish, and delete your submissions, as well as upload files and images.

To us, you are all of course esteemed VOICES Contributing Authors from the get-go. This is just our way around WordPress processes.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Your VOICES Editor (aka WB and ME)


13  May 2010

Welcome to our new site. On this page, we’ll post news, stories, interviews, and other things of interest. For now, we’ll start with this:



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    Hello Dears

    I have set up my blog page and posted there my first entry. Now, is that blog page connected to this place? I saw where you wanted first works to be viewed by the Two Headed Admid (wondering a bit about those heads in general, placement and functionality and what have you, veddy veddy inter-esting) There is an admid link there on my page but I wonder if that is the admid of WordPress? I do not want to shock or alarm that individual as my first post may confuse or alarm him or he may want to put a restraining order on me, (tee-hee!) do I email? How does one go about that preview?

    • Editor of Voices
      May 28, 2010 at 4:02 pm

      The two-headed admin truly feels sorry, yea, even a sense of pity, on thee. Your own blog is not linked to ours, but we suppose if you want to put a link in your bio to it or anywhere else, we will not be opposed. When in WordPress, just click on New Post, and you will be afforded a selection of where to put it. We will end now as we feel you may return that sentiment to us. We do not go there.

      The Editor(s)

  2. May 28, 2010 at 4:20 pm

    Charming. I shall surely put it there and there and possibly several elsewheres less wary, even unaware. delighted to be here.

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