How to Join VOICES


So you want to join the chorus/cacophony of VOICES? We are honored.

The enrollment process is simple.  Just email us at and tell us you want to join in the fun of our low and highbrow literary world. Please include a short bio (no more than 80 words) in your email.

Please also include your email address so we can identify you on WordPress and set you up as a Contributing Author. If you already have a WordPress account, please use the email associated with that. If you do not have a WordPress account, go to the WordPress sign up page and follow the instructions, prior to emailing us. NOTE: You do not have to sign up for your own blog to create an ID, but the ID allows you to post stories on this site as an Author.

Once accepted as a Contributing Author, you will be free to post a blog entry at any time. You can also add replies to other blogs or leave a comment (of course). We have no restrictions as to what you may post, but remember this site is all about your characters; we would like to hear them sing & speak, see them dance & twirl, get together with others.  Words may blossom , blows might ensue, whatever.

Email us with any questions, operators are waiting.

Then set your characters loose on the VOICES world.