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This looks fantastic, I can’t wait to get this book. I have followed Dorothee’s meandering literary and artistic paths for a few years now, and whatever emerges from her workshop is exciting, original and inspiring.

Folded Word Books

by Smitha Murthy & Dorothee Lang

ISBN 978-1-61019-102-9

paperback list price $14
ebook list price $4.99

Print and eBook editions will be available globally through most booksellers by 15 August 2012. It is available for purchase now from the following:



Through coincidence on a global scale, a traveller from Europe and a teacher from Asia met within the threads of the World Wide Web. A single photo serves as an intersection point from which they share their diverse journeys that include joys, longings, and life lessons. As the dialog unfolds across continents, cultures, media, and time, Smitha Murthy and Dorothee Lang discover that though they…

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Kaffe in Katmandu

open: kaffe in katmandu

i’ve always wanted to go there – katmandu! now i’ve been appointed maitre d’ at the new kaffe in katmandu. those who successfully submitted digital photos to the 1000 penguins project automatically get an invite but anybody on VOICES can submit content to this cool hangout high above the clouds. tumblr makes it really easy to post and repost material – photos, links, videos, etc. come and kaffe up! it’s all good because it’s for the wingless birds!

One Thousand Shipwrecked Penguins

Penguins have a voice too – “like songbirds, the penguins’ vocalization sound unique and rich in tone, frequency and beat, but to human ears the penguin “voice” may sound thin.” (Read more) — But can you imagine one thousand of them stranded after the ship they’d boarded to get to a better, richer, fairer land, collided with a supertanker? The noise! The commotion! The need for entertainment!

This is where the One Thousand Shipwrecked Penguins project comes in that I founded selflessly at the end of 2010: produce one flash (at least) weekly thrown at the penguins like a half-digested hering, providing much-needed poetic protein. The catch? Each flash comes with a picture (for visuals, penguins are very receptive to visuals, much like people) and the picture shouldn’t come from me, it should come from you.

Check out the site where all this happens. Submit a photo, by all means. Be part of one of the most exciting projects on Earth. One of the longest, too: scheduled to run until 1000 flash pieces are complete. Spread the news: – and save a wingless angel-like bird from boredom!

Marcus Speh
Curator, 1000 penguins