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Kaffe in Katmandu

open: kaffe in katmandu

i’ve always wanted to go there – katmandu! now i’ve been appointed maitre d’ at the new kaffe in katmandu. those who successfully submitted digital photos to the 1000 penguins project automatically get an invite but anybody on VOICES can submit content to this cool hangout high above the clouds. tumblr makes it really easy to post and repost material – photos, links, videos, etc. come and kaffe up! it’s all good because it’s for the wingless birds!

  1. September 8, 2011 at 6:33 am

    six months after the start, kaffe in katmandu counts 113 permanent members and authors, over 700 posts and more than 500 followers. the show is firmly on the road and the frontpage, which changes daily, shows the amazing variety of members’ tastes. we’ve had hundreds of original poems, stories, articles…and we hope to go on. if you’re not a member yet, contact me. cheers!

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