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An Elephant for Arizona – by Walter Bjorkman


College roommates, Bill (later to be Strangefellow, Strange for short), Bill (later to be Arizona, Zona for short) & Eddie (later to be no nickname, Ed for short) – yes tripled up, about first month in, first doobie for Arizona & me, not Strange.

Bill (soon to be Arizona): What’s with the bracelet, Bill?

Bill (soon to be Strangefellow): This?

Eddie: Yeah that

Bill (soon to be Strangefellow): Oh I got it growing up in Nairobi.

Bill (soon to be Arizona): Nairobi? Kenya? Africa?

Bill (soon to be Strangefellow): yeah, my dad was over there working on research & treatments for cattle disease for the UN when I was 2 through10.

Eddie: Wow

Bill (soon to be Arizona): Wow

Pause for run to lobby to get pizza delivered

Bill (soon to be Arizona): What’s it made of?

Bill (soon to be Strangefellow): You ordered it. peppers & mushroom.

Eddie: I think he means the bracelet, but that was cool the pizza guy messin’ up your last name Arabuena, yelling through the lobby, “Pizza for Arizona!! Pizza for Arizona!!” I don’t think its big enough for the whole state . .

All: giggle, giggle, guffaw, guffaw, cough, cough

Bill (soon to be Strangefellow): Its elephant hair

Arizona (now named officially, Bill no more, later Zona for brevity): The crust?

Eddie: Bwaaaaaa!

Bill (soon to be Strangefellow): Yeah the crust, tastes good (munching his) – the bracelet, Dumbo

Arizona: What bracelet?

Eddie: The one you asked him about before the pizza came, and just now

Arizona: Oh, that bracelet

All: giggle, giggle, guffaw, guffaw, cough, cough

Bill (soon to be Strangefellow): Yeah its one strand of elephant tail hair

Eddie: Yeah, right that coarse.

Bill (soon to be Strangefellow): True, elephants are big man

Eddie: hafta be to feed all of Arizona

All: Bwaaaaaaaa

Arizona: Where’d you get it?

Bill (soon to be Strangefellow): Outside Nairobi about 30 kilometers

Arizona: You were in Africa?

Eddie & Bill (soon to be Strangefellow): Seeeeesh!

Arizona: Oh, yeah – Nairobi, so how?

Bill (soon to be Strangefellow): when I was 8, they found me running in a herd of them, I pulled on a tail and it came off.                                                   

Arizona: Really? wow, the whole tail?

Bill (soon to be Strangefellow): Yeah, Zona, the whole tail (eyes rolling)

Eddie: Wow, didnt you get stomped on?

Bill (soon to be Strangefellow): Naw, the adults were dozing, the calfs curious, like you guys

Arizona: My calfs, curious?

All: Bwaaaaaa, curious calfs, indifferent insoles, answering armpits, etc etc etc for 10 minutes

Later, at the home of the doobie provider Stephan Potkin, later to be known as Son of Pot:

Potkin: Spider (dark, mysterious beauty), like you to meet William, he’s a strange fellow

Spider: Huh? What’s the name? William Strangefellow? What a cool name!!

All, except Spider: Bwaaaaaaaa!! giggle, giggle, cough, cough

Arizona: Yeah and he runs with elephants.

Strangefellow: My name isn’t really Strangefellow its . . . .

All, including Spider: Bwaaaaaaaa!! giggle, giggle, cough, cough




  1. June 8, 2010 at 12:35 am

    Elephants and pizzas — two of my favorite things.

  2. wbjorkman
    June 8, 2010 at 6:31 am

    Eat too much of the latter, you start lookin like the former. Same thing about the bracelet, sort of, you eat too much of Strange’s stories when stoned, and you get an expanded view, remember he was the ‘experienced’ one. The three later that night decided to “freak out” some burg on the Island by prancing downtown being weird, all they got was a cop & a hooker laughing at them because it was 2AM on Sunday night and they were the only ones out.

    Oh – he did grow up in Nairobi, got the bracelet in a gift shop.

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