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God Save The Queen Of Hearts – by Coleen Shin

God Save The Queen Of Hearts

by Coleen Shin

make it smile, whatever
I’m not asking for a signature
though your name is another country
and laying in the dentist chair, needles seem
a given, the numbing sensation of a could care less
I wanted to count pricks, I thought that’s how it went
like a quill or pen, a subtle maneuver
on soft terrain, the praying mantis, a choice
even the artist tips his hat, scratches his head
remarks that this is the repast of a greening royalty
practically a genius of its genus
I could imagine that, the court costs alone
predates modern litigation, another
off with her head! or his, though minstrels
are so devout, so iconoclastic when it comes
to their craft. I wanted to save you
keep you in a locket warmed by my breast
not queen the bees, or lead the dance
a devotee of public hangings is here at noon
winner of my silver spoon, it is a trick, a trick
of my consort, his council, to make a spectacle
all could see through, find the deadly metaphor
all who do will be free to go, the rest
God help them, there is nothing more 

  1. deepee10
    May 28, 2010 at 4:33 pm

    Very nice lay-out. This works like a maze and rewards at every turn. Great image upon great image. Nice job.

  2. May 28, 2010 at 5:17 pm

    a maze is good! amazing is better, but do not let me put apples, nor pears in your mouth. I have sweet pink pork yet on the hoof for that. I shall not cut anything off of you today. I thank you. You may pet the house and eat his cheese. do wipe your beets on the mat by the door as you exit as I abhor that shade of sweet.

  3. May 29, 2010 at 1:20 am

    The THRONE requires a CAT

    The queen queens,
    to benevolent bass,
    fish, fish!
    I pay in cash
    I pay in pot
    and peat and hash,
    I pay to prey,
    does that sound crass?

    The north hand knows
    what the south hand has,
    while toes are merely guessing.

    The time has come to speak my peace,
    of lo, these zip-zillion year,
    though, as a bee can be
    by your ear-lobe’s flowery leer.

    Do you hear? do you hark?
    can you fly? or do you bark?
    forgive such dogged inquiry

    I must I rust, my blood is dust,
    my tinfoil cap, worn during my nap
    is crumpled and it fears me.

    I need to know

    your thoughts and thinks-
    what of that stripe-ed cat?
    Its won my tears,
    my tilty tiers,
    my purr-ple pull string toy-

    Its won the ribbon
    made of white gibbon
    I wore in my hair as a boy.

    Oh woe is me, and I am woe,
    and whoa and whaa and why,
    I fell for his coat
    and fell for his gloat
    and I fell for his disarming cry.

    Do you have him
    on the slender sly,
    do you keep him as muse or mole,
    is he your private eye?

    I could weave my scepter
    or give you a lecture
    on posies painted on balls

    a rush and glower,
    will surely o’er power,
    you simply are too small

    I’ll try a chant,
    I learned at queen camp
    so secret, I mime my own business

    I simply can’t bare it,
    pigg piggy, some claret!
    and stay here and be witless

    to summer salts,
    and heathery vaults
    so you loud you can’t clearly hear it

    shhhhhhh and shhhhhh

    and will you shut up,
    and refill my cup or
    cudgel and carnage persist-

    if this works,
    oh I do hope it works
    it moves me, I wobble and list!

    I hope it finds me pretty

    Do you find me so smithy?
    under penalty of chess
    it better be, yes
    now listen-

    Here, kitty kitty kitty!

  4. Toadstool Awatchin
    May 30, 2010 at 12:55 am

    The Jake of knaves he bears – no weighs,
    a feastly burden of words to wear, upon
    her mounds of fruitful delights -Watch out! he bites
    with sarcasm so obvious, a bear could
    leanst against her portly thighs –
    for therein the madness, be it so wise, lies

    wise lies, white lies what lies beneath?
    the wolves’ flashing eyes? his hungry teeth!
    but fore the knave the dastly deed done, a knight appears
    allays all fears, grinds some gears, has a few beers
    and hears – here I come! here I come! here I come!

    Thar she went.

  5. June 7, 2010 at 12:31 pm

    The night appears, in twi lighted tears, I’ve stolen
    online from a cart. Who parked the cart, a knave of hearts
    to fill for his lap lusty tart. (she has not broken him)

    Oh see, he’s quite bitsy, a bit here, a see there
    some vaporous air, his jocular parts, exposed.
    Now be a good bard, do raise the card, I wish to bid on a toad.

    The dotty one, No! the blue naughty one, sweet cheeky
    and wearing no pants. I’ll give him two licks
    on his toxic back bits, and swirl him twice in my glass.

    Pretty Pretty, Oh shining shade! poor unpaid maid!
    What do you think of my clothes? I soon will divest them
    so you may smoothpress them, and butter ply the hose!

    I am horribly jilted, my cabbage has wilted,
    who brought me this Flaming Moe? I’ll daintily sip it
    endure it, then whip it, for it will scorch my toes.

    Delectable Eve,
    Detectable Atom,
    Delightful Sherlock Holmes,

    It’s a crime without censure, do join the adventure
    I’ll dictate whilst copious notes, give clues to the clueless
    sing blues to the blue less, and give that bad doggy a tome.

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