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Miss Nettie & Ms Marzy Meet, Pt 1 – The Invite & Reply


The Invite & Reply

by Melissa McEwen & Walter Bjorkman

Date: Today
To: Miss Nettie as she told me later.

“Dear Miss or Mrs or Ms Nettie and kin I never know what to be called these days,

Eddie says he talked to some friend of yours why I don’t know and she said you got stories about ya an that ya should come over to Granma’s and with friends and something about a table.

The address is Brooklyn we are up the street from where I work 236 31st Street Qwik-Bake not that its at that address its where I live not work.

Sunday is good for us there might be some saturday pie left over if Eddie and his friend Sid dont get to it first but they wont because they are not comin over unless they do.

Marzy, Eddie’s Gal


Dear Marzy, Eddie’s gal (you should git that tattooed on your hipbone or back if you haven’t already):

I would loooove to come over and tell stories as long as y’all got stories to tell, too — like a swap meet. Stories and Saturday pie on Sunday — yum.

Miss Nettie (Miss is fine because it’s too late for me now to become a Mrs.)

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