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Just An Observation – by Darryl Price

Just An Observation

by Darryl Price


Just An Observation
I’m on my way. But that
doesn’t mean what you think
it does. It means I can’t
stop myself from the pull
of the waves anymore
with their many mouths full
of arms instead of teeth.
They’ll reach me eventually
and I’ll go dancing
into a hole in
the ocean. And little
by splashing little I’ll
become nothing more than
the book of watery
paper my sweetest poems
were written on for
you. Until then I go
through every day watching
for the kinds of living
signs that there is something
more to be said by me
that only exists on
the planes of mathematical 
faith and some impossible
luck. One can’t
help but be willing to
believe that an end is
only a beginning
again for at least someone
somewhere.After all
nothing stops happening
to everything that is. 
That’s where the land begins
and the trees take over.
Still the sky waits in a
jealous huff to release
the vicious winds upon
you should you dare to enter
the castle ground at
any time.You’re free of
course to go around. Around
your feelings. Around
your dreams. Around your desires.
Around your own beautiful
the fun. The fire. The stars
struggling to keep on firing
from within and without 
like coals in a circle
of smoldering black
ash.But look at it this
way, we got as far as
this poem together.
Good as a miracle.
Darryl Price  051410

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  1. May 17, 2010 at 11:06 pm

    Such an interesting observation…it seemed freedom was to observe the current state of affairs…but not to be part of those affairs anymore…I enjoyed reading and thinking about your poem.

  2. May 17, 2010 at 11:45 pm

    Darryl — it’s so great to see your poem here, the flow of it, the give and take, the where-things-end-and-where-things-begin. It’s what this site’s about, inviting flow, inviting conversation. “We got as far as this poem together”: beautiful!

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