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Introducing Mabel Honeycutt (II) – by Michelle McEwen

Mabel Honeycutt is a character who has yet to find a home in a story. So far, her story is told in snippets: some sound like poems, some sound like songs, some like diary entries. The story will come.

Mabel Honeycutt pt. 2 (Mabel’s Uncle Zeb tells her about Daddy & Baby)

by Michelle McEwen

There was no love like the love between
Thaddeus “Daddy” Wells & Barbra “Baby” Simms.
They went by Daddy & Baby.

Baby came home one day.
Found Daddy on the flo’. Thought he was sleep,
but he was worse than sleep. Dead.
& what did Baby go do?
She ran down to the river
and jumped in.

That’s love, boy, I tell ya.

~ Mim.

  1. Marzy
    May 16, 2010 at 8:21 pm

    Marzy here Eddie says hiyadoin’ boy Zeb you sure talks short know what I mean you stops every 4 or 5 words an I can’t get in edgewise because mom said I had a tongue impediment as a kid so do ya know if that loose woman Sadie I heard about is after my Eddie what with the lipstick an all an I wish you’d talk longer cause there’s too many words to under stand I dont know Mabel give her my best and I’d give Eddie’s too but don’ want Sadie gettin’ ideas and where are you all from anyway?

  2. mimmcewen
    May 16, 2010 at 10:40 pm

    Haaa at Zeb talking short. Well, Mabel’s from the south. Zeb and Sadie are even more south.

    • Eddie
      May 17, 2010 at 11:22 am

      Eddie, Marzy’s guy here. She said I have to come here and “dispell some notion that I’m open if Sadie wants me”. Well, I’d have a look, sure, but Marzy is min . . her, I am hers. She also wanted me to say that “even though Zeb & Sadie are further south from Mabel and that Mabel is south of here, that it’s not as far south as you(me) have been when you(me) were in Miami, which is further south than Zeb & Sadie were even though they are south of here.” Phew! Only she didn’t use commas so imagine how hard that was to follow. That Marzy is a real pip, its why I love her, but I think I’m begining to sound like her, you wouldn’t know I have a BA in Lit. Thanks for letting me have this talk, it’ll keep her off my back for a few days until the next time. Say Hi to Sadie for me.

      Eddie, Marzy’s guy

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