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Miss Nettie & Ms Marzy Meet, Pt 3 – Marzy Bakes, Nettie Awakes

Marzy Bakes, Nettie Awakes

by Melissa McEwen & Walter Bjorkman


Marzy Bakes a Saturday Pie

“Mmmmmm that must be the Saturday pie I’m getting a whiff of, how did you do it so fast?” Eddie dozed off for only an hour after shaking off Marzy’s well-timed and placed knee, the aroma making him hungry.
“That’s just Granma she thinks its today which its not so’s she put on her cherry parfait perfume that Gertie bought for her down at the Bohack’s though of course its today cause it can’t be tomorrow even though it is the dinner I mean an I told Grans women ought not to be smellin’ like fruit less they want a bite taken out an I know its not been Bohack’s for years but when ya grew up with it an she spilled half the bottle on her dress.”
The only thing Eddie could do is hightail it to Mait’s, the after hours club that he has the keys to, call up Mitch, Chalky and Sid to join him for shots and poker all day while hoping the house was still there when he got back.
“What’s Saturday pie anyway, and who asked for it?” came from Granma to a startled Marzy. Granny wouldn’t say more than two words at a time unless she had a bellyful of gin, at which time her lineage to Marzy became evident. When Marzy had a bellyful of anything, she turned into Grandma, growing more and more quiet. Marzy’s friends loved hanging with her when she had a bellyful.
“I don’ know Grans maybe any pie that’s baked on Saturday” as Marz was shocked into a normal sentence. “But I would think you’d name a pie after the day when it was being eat though then you wouldn’t know its name until that day so unless you know its gonna be ate on that day you wouldn’t know its name for sure with Eddie and his buddies always comin around raidin the fridge though I think you’re supposed to keep it on the windowsill but it must be the bake day cause they’re comin on Sunday”. Marzy had quickly recovered.

“Yep, Saturday.” Granny had also.

Nettie Awakes in the Back Seat

When Nettie wakes up it is dark out and Zee is behind the wheel. Snow is in the passenger seat knocked out. Zee hears Nettie stirring in the backseat and says, “Good you woke; now I got somebody to talk to.”

Nettie thinks about pretending to be still asleep, but she is wide awake. “Turn on the radio.”
She forgot that Snow’s radio doesn’t work and Zee tells her so.

Nettie yawns on purpose just to make a sound.

“We in Virginia somewhere,” Zee says as if Nettie asked a question.

“Virginia,” Nettie says to herself and puts her purse on her lap for warmth. Even though it is almost June, Virginia air is nippy to Nettie. She is used to Alabama heat. “I always said if I had a daughter, I’d name her Virginia. Either that or Andalusia.”  Nettie seems to be talking to herself and not to Zee.

Still Zee says, “Virginia’s all right, but I don’t know about Andalusia.”

“Andalusia’s my birth place,” Nettie says as if to herself and she digs in her purse. She pulls out a map and a flashlight. “Up north there ain’t no towns or cities with names you could give a baby. In the south you got, uh, Tallahassee, you got Memphis, you got Florida, you got Alabama, even, you got Georgia, and Pensacola, can call him ‘Cola. But up north, there ain’t nothing but,” she turns on the flashlight, points the light on the map toward the northeast. “You can’t name a child Connecticut or Simsbury or Poughkeepsie. Maybe Brooklyn, that’s where we headed, but not Manhattan, especially not Springfield or Boston.”

Then there is silence again and Nettie rummages through her purse and pulls out a radio and batteries. “I forgot I had this radio in here.”  She puts in the batteries, fusses with the antenna and switches the dial until she finds a station with a song that sounds good. Then she turns to look out the window.

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