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A Lady Adds Her Two Cents Plain

Hello Ms or is that Mrs or Miss Fuddy-Duddy I never can tell when to use what because an can I call you Minnie like The Fan(s) says some people call ya? not that he says he calls ya that. I was tryin to be polite because that fucker, oh excuse me, Minnie if I may says that you are a stilickler for semi colons an whatnot but I dont know from that so please forgive me.

The Fan(s) says you an me might have some god damn good talk that you got something to say to me about my manners and stuff and all I got is the dirt on his buddies Eddie an Sid and his characters all even the triplet’s real story.

Look forward to hearin from ya but you’ve been silent so I’ll shut my damn trap an start listenin now specially bout the The Show-Boat an maybe you can get me a job there but I don’t do dirty stuff just lap dances. Eddies takin me out for a special dinner at The Rainbow Cafe real ritzy ya’ know?

Sincertainly yours,

Ms. Marzy

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